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        2019-07-29 15:52:30

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        商務英語寫作的經典范文可以幫助不會寫的學員能夠在考場上也能寫出一篇不錯的文章, 大家可以有針對性地進行背誦積累。用考網為大家提供《兩篇經典商務英語寫作范文賞析》,歡迎各位閱讀。


        It is because we donot want you to experience unnecessary embarrassment, that we are writing this letter to you.

        As we have reminded you,your account is past due and I am sorry toinform you that if yo u were to present your charge card at our store today, our sales personnel could not acce pt the charge without an okayfrom the credit department. This would necessitate your goin g to the creditdepartment to discuss the status of your bill before the charge would beappr oved.

        You have been too goodof a customer in the past to have to go through this procedure, but unless we receive your payment we have no other alternative, due to our company po licy.



        The postmark of thisletter is registered with our office. Unless you contact us at [telephon e], you will run the riskof your local Sheriff serving you with a Summons and Complaint to appear inCourt without further notice to you.

        Filing of suit willinitiate a series of events that will cause you considerable inconvenience an dexpense. In addition to the above mentioned balance, you may be liable for court costs and interest.

        In the event youshould fail to contact us immediately, we will assume that this debt is vali d. Should you have anyreason to dispute the validity of the debt or any portion thereof, t his office will obtain verification of the debt or obtain a copyof the Judgment and mail you a copy of same. This office will alsoprovide you with the name and address of the original c reditor if differentfrom the current creditor.


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